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How to Be a Leading Law Firm in Your Market. And Stay That Way.

Do the marketing and growth strategies you usually see from law firms qualify as world-class? As good as the techniques major advertisers use?

Well, maybe not.

Legal marketing is different from other kinds of marketing. It requires someone who understands legal—but also uses cutting-edge insights from the marketing world to get more clients.

And your goals for revenue growth should always come first.

Where do you find all that?


Firmidable is a national, multi-platform marketing and growth agency dedicated exclusively to law firms. It has transformed firms—and the careers of lawyers—for almost 30 years.

Firmidable thrives when you thrive. It’s unlike anything else out there.
When you’re serious about law firm growth, the best thing you can do is discover Firmidable.

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What Firmidable Does for You

Firmidable helps law firms grow by harnessing every opportunity to get more clients:


Ads and websites are great, but you really win when you incorporate them into the right, holistic marketing and growth strategy.

Traditional Marketing

Legal marketing agencies that focus only on the internet lack some of the all-time most potent methods for gaining clients, like TV. Firmidable does it all.

Digital Marketing

Your law firm can reach new clients with more precision than ever with websites, online ads, live chat and other digital tactics that Firmidable is constantly refining.

Why Firmidable Is Different

You can find a million digital marketing agencies out there. But none of them are like Firmidable.



Over nearly 30 years, Firmidable has created astute marketing approaches for previously underserved legal practice areas.



Our priority is helping you reach your goals for law firm growth, not just getting clicks.



We don’t do off-the-shelf, boilerplate work. We deploy strategies and content tailored to you.



Firmidable’s team members could use their talents to sell sodas or shoes. We support the legal profession because this is what we love.

Hear from a Firmidable client:

“It’s been a tremendous partnership for our office. Our revenues have gone up every year. Our clientele has gone up every year. And frankly, we would be lost without them.”

— Joe Houle
Managing Partner Levine Benjamin Law Firm, Detroit

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