Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

— Nelson Mandela

When special education attorney Andrew Cuddy approached The Marketing Center to produce TV commercials for his firm and redesign the website, our agency jumped at the opportunity. But first, our agency needed to learn all about special education law and how to market to parents of children with special needs.

Over 20 years ago, the goal of our agency was to inform people that Social Security Disability legal help is available. This time, our goal was to create awareness that special education legal help is available to families in need.

For months, our staff spent time talking with Cuddy, his staff and parents of families he’s helped. What we learned inspired us to do some of our best work yet.

Powerful messaging captured by powerful cameras

In one of our largest productions to date, we rented a school bus, selected three child actors, hired a film crew based in Maine and took flight from Louisiana to Maine to film Cuddy’s commercials.

Using a new RED camera, agency president Nathan Chapman worked closely with the director of photography to create stunning cinematography.

“The picture quality of this camera’s footage is stunning,” said Chapman. “We couldn’t have asked for better weather, a better setting or a better crew.”

Aside from the production and look of the commercials, the messaging of the commercials was meant to go straight to the heart of parents of children with special needs.

“The scripts we developed were full of powerful messaging we felt would resonate with concerned parents,’” said Chapman. “After all, a parent’s child is their life.”

Cuddy Law Firm's redesigned website for comprehensive legal marketing

With new commercials beginning to air in September, the agency’s interactive department set a goal of redesigning The Cuddy Law Firm’s website to coincide with the air date of the firm’s commercials. Using design elements consistent with the TV commercials, the site was completely rebranded to create a one-two marketing punch.

“Our goal with The Cuddy Law Firm’s website was to create a look familiar to people who may have seen their TV commercials,” said Director of Interactive & Accounts Tallie Kimble. “The creative team did a fantastic job in their execution as the site complements the commercials very well.”

R is for results

And after only four weeks of TV commercials airing and after the website redesign, the results were apparent. The Cuddy Law Firm reported 70 leads after just one month of airing the new commercials.

“The volume of leads we received in September was very high,” said Cuddy. “With students returning to school, this is the perfect messaging and perfect timing to reach concerned parents.”

Tasked with overseeing The Cuddy Law Firm’s TV schedule, The Marketing Center’s Media Director, Lorena Poche, was highly pleased with the results. “Because this is such a specific target, this is an excellent response rate,” said Poche. Overall, both the client and the agency are pleased with the results of the new marketing campaign.

“My hope was that special education law was a field in which our agency could make a great difference in public perception – just like we did with Social Security Disability,” said Chapman. “It looks like our agency and The Cuddy Law Firm are on course to do just that.”