When you’re the firm’s go-to person for building and maintaining a pipeline of potential new clients, deciding where to focus resources can be dizzying.

Your law firm will be best served by having a marketing strategy that is holistic—with a partner who can shepherd your strategy through the mix of traditional and digital marketing that is optimal for your firm.

Consider today’s world of 24/7 online exposure:

  • When a referring source recommends your firm, the first thing that potential new client does is check you out online. That digital encounter should reflect the impressiveness and even character of your firm.
  • We live in a “screen-to-screen” world. People view television screens while smartphones or tablets sit in their laps.
  • In “micro-moments” (a Google term), people go online in elevators and at stoplights.
Team members of Firmidable with president Nathan Chapman
Law firms serious about revenue growth turn to Firmidable for best-in-class strategies and services.

How do you find a marketing strategy and plan that helps you prioritize?

Firmidable is a national marketing agency focused exclusively on helping law firms generate more quality leads, cases and revenue.

We bring you expertise in every touchpoint, whether you need strategies for market positioning, traditional advertising or digital marketing.

When you can focus on results, not on managing multiple marketing vendors, talk to the team at Firmidable.

Core Competencies of Firmidable

  • StrategyFirmidable asks thought-provoking STRATEGIC QUESTIONS as it guides you through the strengths and weaknesses of a seemingly infinite list of options and tools that exist today.
  • Television Production & Media BuyingCan you harness the power of television, stand out from other firms and KEEP YOUR REPUTATION INTACT? You can with Firmidable watching your dollars as well as your dignity.
  • DigitalNow even when you’re #1 in a Google keyword search, you still have to scroll down to see your listing. Talk with the NATION’S MOST EFFECTIVE LEGAL DIGITAL TEAM about a comprehensive digital strategy.
  • ConsultingMany firms don’t know where to start, or partners have competing interests. Firmidable’s CONSULTING SERVICES include marketing plans and facilitating partners’ strategic retreats.
  • BrandingYou know how most law firms think they are different than all the rest, but to the outside world they look pretty much the same? You need a strategy for MARKET POSITIONING AND BRANDING.
  • Data AnalysisFirmidable’s analytical experts regularly review detailed data, connecting campaign KPIs to your actual intake data to uncover what’s working—and WHAT TO DUMP.


Managing partners often tell us that their competitors seem more digitally knowledgeable than they are. Or they are trying to use television marketing, but the 800-pound gorillas make it seemingly impossible to compete.

Trying to keep up often leads to marketing-by-what-sounds-good, resulting in wasted time and money.

Marketing is a strategy-first discipline. Netflix didn’t beat Blockbuster because they had better advertising. They had a more sophisticated strategy that deeply understood the market place.

Firmidable is a team of marketing experts who have chosen to focus on the legal sector. From Maine to Hawaii, as Firmidable guides law firms, we ask many probing questions to ensure that, before a dollar is spent on execution, the strategy is strong and complete.

If you’re still trying to get new cases the same way that you have for years, ask the Firmidable team what an evolved marketing legal strategy would look like for your firm.

Team members of Firmidable with president Nathan Chapman
Your professional and personal life is better when you have a growth plan and the right marketing tools.

Firmidable shows you another way

If it’s time to finally develop a law firm growth plan, implementing proven marketing techniques and tools, it’s time to call in Firmidable.

Firmidable is a highly specialized legal, consulting, marketing and advertising agency…

Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Firmidable works for law firms that demand to be formidable in their fields.

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