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From one ending emerges new promise

Firmidable is the new, more powerful, more consultant-like, multi-channel marketing agency from the New Orleans team that pioneered Analytical Legal Marketing, building law firm revenue from Maine to Hawaii over the past 25+ years.

It’s no exaggeration to say Nathan Chapman and The Marketing Center for Disability Law Practices transformed the lives of attorneys – and their clients. Now so many more can be helped by Firmidable.

Team members of Firmidable with president Nathan Chapman
Law firms serious about revenue growth turn to Firmidable for best-in-class strategies and services. (L to R) Firmidable account manager Clark Castle, art director Ellie Platt, president Nathan Chapman, writer/editor Mark Waller and digital analyst Kieron Bowman.

What’s new from

  • Variety of law
    A focus on more types of law. If you represent Americans in any legal matter, we can help.
  • Digital
    Investment in the nation’s most effective legal digital team, with ongoing training to stay on top of the digital best practices.
  • Consulting
    The addition of consulting services like multi-year marketing plans and facilitating partners’ strategic retreats.
  • Increase revenue
    A focus on metrics that matter to you, like cases and revenue, not “ranking” and “leads.”
  • Video focused
    A renewed commitment to web video and television – still the nation’s most powerful medium – to more effectively generate market share.
  • Data Analysis
    Constant review of the hard data to uncover what’s working — and what to dump.

To become serious about law firm revenue, become Firmidable

As the member of your law firm responsible for revenue, profitability and its future, much falls on you.

Competing law firms seem large and well financed. Others seem nimble and aggressive.

So, you try to grow the firm revenue. You try this. You spend money on that. There’s a new Internet thing others are talking about. Maybe you should try it.

Some of what you’re spending money on works pretty well.

Um, you think…?

Phoenix attorneys Ed Ober and Jeremy Pekas at their firm Ober & Pekas
Your professional and personal life is better when you have a growth plan and the right marketing tools.

Firmidable shows you another way

If it’s time to finally develop a law firm growth plan, implementing proven marketing techniques and tools, it’s time to call in Firmidable.

Firmidable is a highly specialized legal, consulting, marketing and advertising agency…

Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Firmidable works for law firms that demand to be formidable in their fields.