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Difference #1: You want

A plan that’s customized

Don’t look to your local Internet vendor for world-class expertise and breakthrough results.

And, unless you want to be one of hundreds of law firms with mediocre effectiveness, don’t ask for guidance from a mass-marketer.

Will you personally work with the heads of those mass-marketing companies to strategize on your account? Will they even know your name?

Firmidable will. Listening may be a lost art, but it’s not lost on us.

Your law firm can do better than manufactured, fill-in-the-blanks lawyer marketing. So, demand a law firm marketing partner to focus on the priorities you set and the results you want.

Tell the story that could only be yours, using the tools that make the most sense for you.

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Difference #2: You want

Strategic expertise

If you want to grow bigger, or better yet, grow more profitably, then grow smarter.

Dig deeper: Don’t have just a website, have a digital strategy. Don’t just advertise, have a law firm marketing plan.

Focus on the bigger goals you want to achieve.

Law firms are often complicated entities, with partners sometimes having differing agendas and priorities. Consider taking the time to have a written multi-year plan and a facilitated partners’ retreat for buy-in to the goals and plan.

A good plan is in writing. The best plans are ones that are actually implemented.

Strategies start with a conversation.

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Difference #3:

Data-driven tactics

Reduce risks, boost results

Attorneys are often so busy with their legal work, they can know their area of the law better than they understand their clients and potential clients – notably on the touchpoints that lead to the attorney being hired for the case.

It’s important to have a good legal marketing strategy. The best strategies are based on data, like cost-per-call analyses and Internet A/B testing.

Firmidable brings you a data-driven strategic focus built on unprecedented expertise in the legal industry.

  • With an MBA and decades of recognized success, Nathan Chapman is a recognized legal industry pioneer.
  • Our Internet analysts relentlessly search for improvements, both incremental and dramatic.
  • Our account team are legal brand experts.
  • Our media buyers are not only aggressive negotiators in both television and digital advertising, but also use this data to revise your advertising campaigns – without you even having to ask.

We develop our own in-depth data on what works and how it works best for you.

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Difference #4:

Revenue-focused results

The only kind that matter

If your mind starts to roam when you hear the latest Internet factoid, it’s time to steer the conversation back to your firm.

It’s your right to focus on revenue for your firm, not Google rankings and other cryptic measurements. You’re not interested in “leads” or page scores, you’re interested in clients and quality cases.

Firmidable brings you a holistic, start-to-finish approach that focuses on revenue. You know, actual money.

In this partner-like relationship, we will ask you to share the data you use to evaluate success. We will suggest new approaches to collecting data, to analyzing and then to improving the results.

We may recommend training for your team, to help you get more cases and profits from efforts to build your caseload.

We tie your marketing to YOUR law practice goals.

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