Social Security Disability Marketing Is Not Like
    Other Marketing

    “I just signed up a great case: 58-year-old teamster with multiple serious health conditions. He told us our television commercial really spoke to him because it seemed so genuine. It was because of that commercial that he decided to call.”

    — SSD attorney Gary Bimberg, Southfield, Michigan

    Social Security Disability isn’t like personal injury. You don’t want lawyer commercials, digital ads and websites designed for car accident cases. You need a marketing campaign designed for YOUR firm.

    Founded in 1991, Firmidable is a niche law firm marketing agency ranked first in the nation for the highest quality Social Security Disability law marketing. We’ve pioneered this field since day one. Our founder, Nathan Chapman, was the very first to market for Social Security Disability lawyers.

    The bottom line?

    Stop guessing with your dollars. When it comes to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) advertising, use what’s tested, what’s proven and what works.

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    The Struggles You Face in Social Security Disability Law Firm Marketing

    Aiming to build a leading Social Security Disability practice? You face numerous challenges:

    • SSDI law requires a pipeline of clients to be profitable.
    • Fees are capped and awarded only for successful cases.
    • The field is highly competitive and difficult for new lawyers to enter.
    • Shifting political circumstances create challenges and case backlogs.

    Firmidable, a specialty law marketing agency, works closely with you to craft a custom and comprehensive branding strategy designed to highlight the unique value of your practice.

    While other lawyer marketing agencies provide a cookie-cutter package, we go beyond copy-paste messaging to help you stake a distinct market position. This encompasses everything from brand identity, such as logos and market positioning strategies, to commercials for television and streaming, to Google ads, lead-gen focused websites and SEO for lawyers.

    Firmidable’s peerless expertise in promoting Social Security Disability lawyers has positioned us as #1 for good reason.

    Reach out today and begin the next chapter in your disability practice’s growth.

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    Your Social Security Disability Law Practice:
    Websites, Logos, PPC, TV Commercials


    Our team works with you to craft a brand based on strategic competition analysis and a deep understanding of what distinguishes you from other Social Security Disability law practices.

    • Strategic Competition Analysis/Market Research
    • Market Positioning Development
    • Slogan Development
    • Logo Development or Refresh
    • Graphic Design
    • User Experience (UX) Websites

    Create an identity that encapsulates the unique aspects of your firm. Build a practice around YOUR brand. That should fuel everything you do.

    Internet Marketing

    Every successful Social Security Disability practice needs a carefully considered internet marketing campaign. A large budget alone won’t set you apart. Experts can help you generate maximum value through promotion and client intake.

    Your competition is endless. To rank highly and convert traffic into leads and cases, Firmidable’s expertise in PPC for lawyers, SEO for lawyers and all aspects of online SSDI marketing gives your firm a crucial edge.

    TV Commercials

    More than any other medium, television still dominates marketing in the U.S. Yet many Social Security Disability firms fail to fully leverage its power. This creates an opening for savvy firms (like yours) to access audiences of claimants unable to work.

    • Dignified Commercial Production
    • Media Buying for Broadcast and Cable Television
    • Streaming TV (also known as OTT and Connected TV) like Smart TV Apps, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

    Approached with dignity and integrity (yes, it’s possible!), the staggering power and reach of television advertising will build your disability case pipeline like nothing else.

    Out-Of-Home Advertising

    Capture public attention with eye-catching advertisements that showcase your key services and values. To find Social Security Disability clients, you must go where they go!

    • Smart Billboards
    • Bus Wraps
    • Bus Benches & Shelters
    • Transit Stations

    With advances in technology and data collection, out-of-home (OOH) advertising has transformed into a powerful, modern solution to building a successful legal practice.

    “What sets Firmidable apart from other marketing agencies is the consistent quality. They’re going to provide services that will develop your brand in the region where you practice—and will grow your firm.”

    Robert Crowe, Managing Partner, Crowe & Shanahan, St. Louis

    “The legal environment is so tough you need someone in your corner helping you at all times. The professionals at Firmidable have a tremendous amount of expertise in legal marketing. Our revenue has gone up every year.”

    Joe Houle, Co-Managing Partner, Levine Benjamin Law Firm, Detroit

    “Firmidable has a strategy to help the law firm succeed. They pay attention to details. They think about what’s best to do next, what’s new in legal marketing or technology. They’re easy to work with. They’re sharp!”

    Tom Nash, Managing Partner, Nash Disability Law, Chicago

    “Firmidable has really helped our bottom line and increased the profitability of our firm. I certainly would recommend Firmidable to other law firms.”

    Gary Bimberg, Co-Managing Partner, Levine Benjamin Law firm, Detroit
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