Workers' Comp and Longshore Law Firm Marketing


    Workers’ Comp Lawyer Marketing Is Not Like
    Other Marketing

    You don’t want a marketing strategy more appropriate for car wreck lawyers. Founded 30 years ago, Firmidable is a niche agency that represents more workers’ compensation firms than any other law firm marketing advertising agency in the country.

    Stop guessing with your firm’s marketing dollars: We know what’s been tested, what’s been proven, what works in workers’ comp advertising.

    Other than workers’ comp attorneys themselves, we spend more time than anyone thinking about what injured workers really want.

    We study what they know and don’t know about the benefits they could get, and their hopes, confusion and fears about how to get legal help in obtaining those benefits.

    Instead of mimicking standard accident lawyer advertising tactics, Firmidable understands workers’ comp as the unique legal practice area that it is—from state workers’ comp to longshore and harbor and Jones Act injury cases.

    In other words, we respect workers’ comp marketing as its own, rightful discipline.

    So, when you work with Firmidable, you have confidence that you’re making the right decisions with your marketing budget.

    Phoenix workers’ comp attorney Bruce Rosenberg said Firmidable ignited “the most positive, optimistic and encouraging energy I have felt from my partners in many months. Everyone believes the future is brighter after considering the potentials and possibilities.

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    Challenges That Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Face with Law Firm Marketing

    As a workers’ comp lawyer looking to lead in your geographic region, you face unique circumstances:

    • Intense competition from big-spending TV personal injury lawyers
    • A public that confuses workers’ comp law firms and personal injury firms
    • State legislatures that chip away at people’s workers’ comp rights
    • Nuances of workers’ comp cases on land vs. longshore and harbor workers’ comp vs. Jones Act maritime cases
    • Digitally-savvy law firms crowding the internet with their messages
    • Overwhelming choices in legal marketing (websites, SEO for lawyers, TV, pay-per-click ads, billboards, etc.)

    To navigate this landscape with maximum success, our legal marketing agency starts with—and spends time developing—a well-thought-out branding strategy unique to your firm.

    That’s right, we start by going deeper than just throwing up a website or some ads for workers’ comp firms.

    We help you stake out your unique position in the market. Then everything flows from that: how you set yourself apart from other firms, what marketing channels you use, your messaging, images and more.

    First-class workers’ comp marketing doesn’t ignore the context in which your workers’ compensation law firm operates. In fact, it uses this knowledge to put you at the front of the field.

    Rest assured, nobody knows how to build intakes for a workers’ comp practice more than Firmidable.

    You’re invited to start a conversation today.

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    Workers’ Comp Attorney TV Commercials

    Integrity + Effectiveness

    Workers’ comp marketing should never be about reusing car wreck clichés. Firmidable advertising puts thought and care into what workers’ comp clients are going through, their needs and desires.

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    Your Workers’ Compensation Law Practice:
    Websites, Logos, PPC, TV Commercials


    Firmidable works with you to analyze your competition and identify your most advantageous position in the marketplace for injured workers.

    • Market Research/Competition Analysis
    • Marketing Positioning Development
    • Strategic Slogans
    • Logo Development and Logo Refresh
    • Graphic Design of Stationery and
      Presentation Materials
    • Website Design

    Create an entire visual identity that makes your firm unmistakable. Your brand should fuel everything you do.

    Internet Marketing

    When the internet changed the world, that included workers’ comp firms. Nothing in marketing history beats the digital marketing data you can use to hone and build your practice.

    • Lead Generation Website Design
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Paid Search Campaigns (PPC)
    • Social Media Ads
    • Online Reputation Management (Reviews)

    The key to maximizing the conversion of online traffic into leads and cases is to be inside the heads of your injured workers. This is where Firmidable’s niche expertise in SEO for lawyers, PPC for lawyers and all forms of digital marketing for workers’ comp firms gives you an important edge.

    Radio and TV Commercials

    Television advertising is still America’s most powerful advertising platform. Yet, many workers’ comp firms don’t utilize TV. That gives you an opening.

    • Commercial Production
    • Media Buying for Broadcast and Cable Television
    • Connected TV (also known as OTT) Platforms like Smart TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV

    With the incomparable reach of broadcast or the data-driven precision of digital “connected TV,” nothing builds your brand like television. And, yes, you can advertise while still maintaining your dignity and professional reputation.

    Out-Of-Home Advertising

    Put your message to injured workers directly in the spaces where those future clients go—near major employers and industries or near commercial waterways for longshore and harbor workers’ compensation.

    • Billboards
    • Bus wraps
    • Bus benches & shelters
    • Transit stations

    Today, outdoor advertising has gone high-tech: Data collected from passing smartphones helps Firmidable understand, evaluate and maximize the number of new cases from your campaign.

    “These are not your run-of-the-mill ad guys using cookie-cutter formats. Firmidable has proven to be a valuable alliance for strengthening our brand and getting good clients. Call them, talk to them, and get excited about growing your law practice.”

    Daren Sarphie, Workers’ Compensation, LLC, Metairie, LA

    “Firmidable ignited the most positive, optimistic and encouraging energy I have felt from my partners in many months. Everyone believes the future is brighter after considering the potentials and possibilities.”

    Bruce Rosenberg, Managing Partner, Taylor & Associates, Phoenix

    “I started practicing worker’s compensation law 50 years ago. I discovered that a practitioner in that field must be dedicated to doing everything they can for their client. Advertising/website support team must be equally dedicated to excellence. In the Firmidable team I found that, and have enjoyed and profited from our joint venture in getting the opportunity to represent injured workers. Thanks for your help!!!”

    McKinnley Morgan, Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer, London, Kentucky

    “I’m not exactly sure how two lawyers from western South Dakota got hooked up with a marketing group from New Orleans over 25 years ago, but we are happy we did!  Nathan and his team have taken the time to understand what we are trying to do, who we are trying to help, and why. They have brainstormed with us to create commercials that represent who we are, and that work. Firmidable has our highest recommendation.”

    Michael Simpson, Julius & Simpson, Rapid City, SD
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