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In your legal market, what if your law firm occupies a middle space? You have less name recognition and resources than the local or out-of-town mega-firms. You’re not as nimble as the smaller, digital-savvy upstarts.

Yet, you know the competition can’t match your professionalism. You stand for excellence, strength and growth. You just need to skillfully assert the particular ways that your firm is indeed formidable.

This is what we love to do.

Firmidable means breaking through boilerplate law firm marketing with a distinct voice. It means signaling your passion, integrity and authenticity. It means zeroing in on the smart, effective solutions from across any discipline – web, SEO for lawyers, TV, mobile, outdoor, podcasting, direct mail, content marketing, seminars, word-of-mouth marketing and attorney and support-team training.

Firmidable means deploying deep-dive data-driven analytics to spot opportunities. It means wielding the power of national experts in legal marketing for your benefit.

When your firm is Firmidable, instead of being a law firm in the middle, you rise as a firm with an unmistakable profile.

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Attorneys can find more rewarding practices

As a lawyer without money worries…

…you’re empowered to skip work for your kid’s ball game or piano recital. Financial freedom puts money in your kids’ college savings accounts. It can even lead to the good life of vacation homes, travel, private jets and other rewards.

If you and your legal associates work hard, you deserve to be rewarded for that hard work.

But being even a great law firm is rarely enough to find the highest level of success. Law firms that call in Firmidable work with the most highly specialized, data-driven, lawyer marketing experts in America. Firmidable offers world-class solutions to law firms who demand no less.

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Attorney James Kneisler with his horse.
Attorney James Kneisler enjoys time on his Texas ranch.


Attorneys turn to Firmidable for customized, data-driven, strategic, revenue-focused marketing strategies and results. They include:

  • Law firm re-branding
  • Client growth strategies & facilitated retreats
  • Targeted digital advertising
  • Data-driven media buying
  • Dignified television production & web videos
  • Techniques to increase the conversion of calls & digital leads into cases & revenue

What does a TV commercial say about you?

Richmond attorney Horace Hunter

What makes Firmidable formidable?

Your Law Firm’s next client is looking for you

Whether they, or you, know it.

The people you serve need help. They’re frustrated. Yet, they don’t necessarily want lawyers, it’s solutions they really want. Lawyer marketing should be about the audience, not the advertiser.

They’re reading a computer screen, scrolling a smartphone or watching TV. How will your law firm loom larger than the competition?

Your focus is practicing the law, not chasing the latest changes in branding, online search, blogs, social media or even television.

Enter Firmidable. Experts tirelessly vet and refine the nation’s most potent case acquisition strategies before deploying them for you. Your firm’s strengths are now pinpointed, your story is amplified to the world.

Team members of Firmidable with president Nathan Chapman
Kentucky personal injury attorney Roy Collins with his client, Geneva.

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