Is Special Ed Law Your Firm’s Next Opportunity?

Is Special Ed Law Your Firm’s Next Opportunity?
If you want to diversify your law practice by adding expertise in Special Education Law—that is, representing families of students with special needs who need help protecting their rights in the school system—a new legal conference this October could be just the jumpstart you need.

Oh, if you’re trying to figure out how to make a better living in Special Ed Law, you should check out this event, too.

Why Special Ed Law Is a Compelling Niche

There’s a tremendous need for attorneys in this type of law. When more attorneys learn how to thrive in this practice area, more kids will receive help.

And if we help more kids now, they’ll have a chance to become more independent adults, making our society stronger in the long run (and, of course, improving the quality of life for their entire families).

This new event, called the National Allies of Parents in Special Education (NAPSE) Conference, is organized in part by a client of our legal marketing agency, whose firm growth and success proves the demand for this type of legal representation. The Cuddy Law Firm has now opened Special Education Law offices in five states.

Learn How to Make a Special Ed Practice Work

Over the years at my legal marketing firm, I’ve personally heard too many attorneys say that although they can get Special Ed cases, they can’t figure out how to create fair legal fees for this type of work. That’s just one thing you’ll learn at this legal conference.

The idea for the conference grew out of a meeting earlier this year between concerned attorneys, advocates, parents of special education students and community members from across the country.

They recognized a problem: Some families of children with disabilities are getting overlooked by our school districts. Their goal was to fix this lack of support and resources, particularly when students come from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds.

This inaugural conference will connect attorneys, advocates, service providers and parents to share ideas and resources. It will provide vital training on successfully navigating Special Education Law.

Consider attending. Let’s help America’s kids—and your practice.

How Do I Sign Up?

The first NAPSE Conference takes place Oct. 5-7 in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel
3315 Scott Futrell Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208


And anytime you’re looking to grow your law firm, whether by adding new practice areas like Special Ed Law or attracting more cases in the practice areas you already have, contact Firmidable.

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