VIDEO: See How Firmidable Keeps Our Clients At The Top

Firmidable is back from taking our largest group ever—every team member from our digital, accounts and creative departments (11 people)—to an important national internet marketing conference, called Pubcon.

We were so excited about what we learned, we used our iPhones to make you this video. Watch here: 

Not many lawyers were there to hear leading tech companies talk about the cutting edge of digital marketing, but Firmidable sent one of the largest groups in attendance. That’s how passionate we are about bringing attorneys the most potent tactics for gaining new clients.

What did we learn that every law firm—including yours—needs to know?

Watch the video, then let’s have a conversation about the insights we picked up for you at the Pubcon marketing technology expo in Las Vegas.

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Firmidable has been a national expert in legal marketing for almost 30 years. It brings law firms customized, data-driven marketing strategies and services, including online and traditional media for a wide range of legal practices. From Maine to Hawaii, it has transformed the lives of attorneys—and their clients.

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About the Author: Nathan Chapman

As founder and President of Firmidable, for over 30 years Nathan Chapman has been a nationally known leader, consultant and speaker on growth strategies for law firms. Nathan’s professional passion is for data-driven, holistic legal marketing driven by YOUR law firm’s measures of success—not by the metrics of a service-providing vendor. His approach has been life-changing for attorneys across the country as well as hundreds of thousands of clients helped by their firms.

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