What Other Lawyers Did to Get More Cases: A Year in Review

When you’re trying to grow your law practice, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can find out what other law firms around the country are doing to get more clients, cases and revenue.

Here’s an insider tip: The Firmidable blog is sprinkled with quotes from lawyers, case studies and data showing which legal marketing strategies worked.

And in this post, we give you highlights from our top blogs of 2018. Use this as a starting point to get ideas for your firm as it changes and grows. By putting tested strategies in place, you can make 2019 your most auspicious year yet.

Renaming Your Law Firm: Trickier Than It Sounds

To the unaffiliated, law firm names have a simple formula: the names of its partners in a list. That’s it.

But when you dig into the details, it’s not so simple. When you add the prospect of partners joining, leaving or retiring—or your slate of practice areas changing—the seemingly easy naming process becomes a puzzle.

In this post on picking the perfect name for your law firm, Firmidable’s most popular of 2018, our in-house experts break down how to avoid mistakes and maintain continuity in your name recognition as your firm evolves. The post examined several real-life examples of firm-naming decisions.

You have to think critically about this important change. Is it setting up your firm to be relevant in the future? Are you losing any equity you’ve built over the years by ditching names in the title? You even need to ponder some elemental questions: Is your firm’s name hard to say?

At our legal marketing firm, we parse details like these every day. We can help you navigate the murky waters of law firm branding.

Consider Adding Live Chat. It Works.

Many lawyers, initially, find the idea of having a Live Chat function on their website daunting and maybe even unattractive. Who has the time or resources to hire someone to chat on the computer all day? Aren’t those popup windows a distraction? Does that actually help the law firm get new clients?

In reality, adding Live Chat costs nothing in manpower for your firm. And law firms we work with report getting more cases than they expected from it.

Find out how Live Chat works for law firms in this blog post from Firmidable.

Keep Your Legal Marketing on the Technological Cutting Edge

The way your firm’s prospects find services online constantly shifts. And the tools you can use to reach them always evolve. The law firms that beat their competition are the ones that keep their strategies updated.

Firmidable President Nathan Chapman last year provided a glimpse of what’s ahead on the “7 Looming Technology Game Changers” for your legal marketing.

Automation, machine-learning, dynamic paid search—these are terms for techies—but Nathan explained what they mean for you.

Paid Search: Your Law Firm’s Direct Line to New Clients

Search engine optimization (SEO) is still a central piece of any strong digital marketing strategy, but it has undergone dramatic changes as Google alters its algorithm and rules.

Not only that, but as people use the small screens on their smart phones to browse the web, real estate is often crunched in regular search results.

The result: Paid Search advertising is more important than ever to your online marketing. It’s a direct path to more visibility online—and to more new clients.

Firmidable Senior Account Executive Alex Ludwig provided an in-depth guide for lawyers on how Paid Search works and how law firms can set up their campaigns.

His presentation was more than a broad overview of a marketing trend. It was packed with real, on-the-ground advice about how to do Paid Search. And he shared return-on-investment data from several law firms that used Paid Search.

Law Firm TV Advertising: Not Dead. Far From It.

As people’s entertainment habits drift away from traditional TV, many law firms around the country ask the question: “Do we forge ahead with our TV advertising? Or do we focus only on the internet?”

A Firmidable case study showed TV advertising still resonates with potential law firm clients. In fact, we found TV has a powerful effect on both phone calls and website visits.

When law firms in our study stopped TV, calls and clicks fell off.

Consumers might be changing the way they watch TV, but they’re not quitting TV. You shouldn’t, either.

Why Your Firm Should Sign Clients Electronically

It’s 2019. We’re deep into the digital age. So why not bring more of your intake process online?

Nathan Chapman detailed in May the urgent need for electronic tools to sign up clients. Electronic sign-ups allow you to move fast enough to catch clients before they go elsewhere.

Nathan also broke down how to establish your electronic sign-up system.

Get Your Law Firm TV Ads Closed Captioned

Closed captioning on TV has expanded well beyond its roots as a service for people with hearing impairments. Watching television with the captions on is now a trend with all kinds of viewers. This makes closed captioning another tool you can use to boost the appeal and reach of your law firm advertising messages.

The cost is small, and especially for law firms that help people with injuries and disabilities, the impression it sends is great.

As one lawyer explained, it shows you have the right values of helping people with impairments, and you live by those values.

How to Keep People on Your Law Firm’s Landing Page

Congratulations, your Paid Search or other digital ad attracted a potential client to the landing page you created to persuade them to hire you. Now what do they do?

The clock is ticking. Studies show that consumers make decisions on web pages like this within 10 seconds, meaning it’s crucial for you to have a focused, clear strategy to make sure they don’t head out as quickly as they came in.

This makes the design of your landing page crucial. There’s no need for clutter. Keep it simple. You need to connect with your prospect, give them an easy path to contact you, and provide them with consistent, concise messaging so they don’t get distracted or confused and bounce from your page.

Check out our recommendations on how to create a powerful landing page that engages your potential clients online.

Get Inside Your Legal Clients’ Brains with Neuromarketing

The term “neuromarketing” might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the concept is real and simple: It’s the study of how people’s brains function when they encounter a piece of marketing, and the factors that prompt them to act.Embracing neuromarketing could make a difference for your law firm. Tiny adjustments can help you gain potential clients’ trust, which translates into more cases and revenue for your practice.

The field is new scientifically, but you can still take advantage of its findings. Firmidable gathered the latest insights from experts at a national online marketing conference, so we could share them with you.

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