Why Your Law Firm Should Work with a Google Premier Partner

You have an overwhelming number of options for spending your law firm’s marketing budget. How do you decide on the right legal marketing firm?

A great indicator: Google Premier Partner status.

This status, enjoyed by a select group of advertising agencies worldwide, means two things:

No. 1: The ad agency showed consistent growth in attracting clients.

No. 2: It also achieved significant increases in both client spending on Google Ads and agency revenue.

Firmidable was honored to be named a Google Premier Partner in 2019.

Accolades are nice, but the most important part of this distinction is how a Google Premier Partner can better serve law firms. Membership has these privileges:

  • Greater access to high-level Google resources
  • More Google-certified experts on staff
  • Heightened ability to deliver the caseload your law firm wants

Keep reading to find out more about what it means to work with a Google Premier Partner:

Your Connection to Google’s Best Insights

Being a Premier Partner means that Firmidable, and by extension our clients, get access to Google people and products unavailable to most agencies.

A sample of what that includes:

Katie Baxter, vice president of operations at Firmidable, and Mike Crimmins, our digital manager, recently attended exclusive executive training seminars at the Google hub in Austin, Texas.

“With this prestigious status, what I’m most excited about is that our digital team has access to special Google workshops and seminars, so we can give Firmidable clients a competitive advantage,” Katie said.

Firmidable also received specialized support from Google Ads staff, including training, consulting and more. That makes us better able to serve attorneys, delivering the best return for your marketing dollars.

Paid Search Experts Working for You

Agencies only achieve Premier Partner status through hitting certain goals and having Google advertising experts on staff.

Why is this so important?

Google, and search engines in general, have arguably become one of the most important factors in law firms reaching their revenue goals. Think about it: When people search for a service, most of the time, they whip out their phone and look for it on Google.

That means many of your potential clients are searching for you through this portal. You’ll need to deploy an array of marketing tactics to attract the clients you want, including paid search (such as pay-per-click PPC) campaigns, organic search engine optimization (SEO) content and more.

But this isn’t a secret. Your competitors will know it, too. That means you’ll have stiff competition for search results.

It’s why you need expertise on your side—and nothing confirms “expert” in digital marketing more than being a Google Premier Partner.

Better Results for Law Firms

Premier Partner status isn’t something bestowed once and owned forever. It’s constantly evaluated to make sure your marketing agency continues to qualify. Google will check growth, ad spends and more to determine whether an agency maintains Premier Partner status.

So if an agency has this status, that’s a sign it’s up to date with the latest online marketing technology and trends.

If your law firm could use the kinds of insights you get from a Google Premier Partner, talk to Firmidable today.

Firmidable has been a national expert in legal marketing for almost 30 years. It brings law firms customized, data-driven marketing strategies and services, including online and traditional media for a wide range of legal practices. From Maine to Hawaii, it has transformed the lives of attorneys—and their clients.

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About the Author: Chris Branch

Chris Branch is a former digital copywriter at Firmidable. He strategized, produced, implemented and optimized content for law firm websites and Paid Search advertising, helping firms across America reach new clients. Before working in legal marketing, Chris was a sports journalist and a marketer for the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.

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