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Rate This: How to Improve Your Online Lawyer Reviews

Online attorney reviews may not be as popular as those for your local five-star bistro, but they’re growing in importance. Whether a Google Review, Facebook, […]

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Pragmatic Advice for Leading Your Law Firm in the Virus Crisis

You’ve read enough typical corporate coronavirus statements. Perhaps I can help with first-hand lessons Firmidable learned during our own, localized disaster: […]

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Helping Your Law Firm Get Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Law firms across America are telling us about the rapid operational changes they’re making to help fight the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Just like you, the team […]

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VIDEO: See How Firmidable Keeps Our Clients At The Top

Firmidable is back from taking our largest group ever—every team member from our digital, accounts and creative departments (11 people)—to an important national internet marketing […]

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From NOSSCR New Orleans: What’s Social Security Up to Now?

Normally, the general session at the NOSSCR conference is where disability attorneys intently listen for what the future may bring for them and their clients. […]

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By Nathan Chapman | September 19, 2019 | Business Tips for Law Firms

Coming In May: How To Make Your Firm Thrive

I want to share with you a tip about a legal conference taking place May 2-3 in Dallas. You should consider attending. As reflected in […]

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Coming Soon: CLE Opportunities at this New Legal Conference

I want to share with you a tip about a brand new legal conference taking place Nov. 7-9 in (my hometown of) New Orleans. It’s […]

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Is Special Ed Law Your Firm’s Next Opportunity?

If you want to diversify your law practice by adding expertise in Special Education Law—that is, representing families of students with special needs who need […]

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By Nathan Chapman | September 19, 2018 | Business Tips for Law Firms

How to Sign New Legal Clients Electronically

These days, when clients are deciding whether to retain your law firm, few of them are sitting face to face with you in your office. […]

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What Social Security’s Latest Plans Mean for Your Law Practice: From NOSSCR Phoenix

Get Help Growing Your Disability Practice. Right now the Social Security Administration is pushing at least a dozen changes to the way it moves disability […]

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