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VIDEO: See How Firmidable Keeps Our Clients At The Top

Firmidable is back from taking our largest group ever—every team member from our digital, accounts and creative departments (11 people)—to an important national internet marketing […]

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Medicare Advantage & Lawyers: How To Perfect This New Line Of Revenue

Watch a Recording of the Webcast  When your focus is practicing Social Security Disability law, you might be hesitant to get into the Medicare Advantage […]

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By Mark Waller | October 3, 2019 | Business Tips for Law Firms

From NOSSCR New Orleans: What’s Social Security Up to Now?

Normally, the general session at the NOSSCR conference is where disability attorneys intently listen for what the future may bring for them and their clients. […]

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By Nathan Chapman | September 19, 2019 | Business Tips for Law Firms

How to Break Free of Cookie-Cutter TV Lawyer Commercials

TV is full of lawyers who are outspoken but don’t stand out. How do you distinguish your ads from all the cookie-cutter lawyer commercials? You […]

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By Chris Branch | August 16, 2019 | Business Tips for Law Firms

Reach More Legal Clients With “Second-Screen Marketing”

Remember the phone book? In its heyday, it was a high-powered advertising machine. The book was indispensable; everyone cherished theirs. It contained the phone number […]

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How Legal Intake Call Centers Help You Get Clients You Didn’t Know You Were Losing

Watch a Recording of the WebcastYour law firm, like any successful practice, tries hard to reel in qualified clients when they come to you. What […]

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Law Firms: How Not To Mistake Advertising and Marketing

People use these two terms in the same breath: advertising and marketing. But they aren’t the same thing. When you’re trying to draw more clients […]

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Coming In May: How To Make Your Firm Thrive

I want to share with you a tip about a legal conference taking place May 2-3 in Dallas. You should consider attending. As reflected in […]

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Reputation Management: How to Protect Your Law Firm’s Online Image

Start Now on Improving Your Firm’s Profile.The lawyer reviews you get online can help your law firm thrive, or hold it back. But how do […]

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How to Boost Your Legal Intake Process and Stop Losing Clients

Start Now on Improving Your Intakes.  When a potential client reaches out to you, you face a 30-second test. React correctly, and your law firm […]

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By Chris Branch | February 15, 2019 | Business Tips for Law Firms