Neuromarketing for Law Firms: Hack Your Potential Clients’ Brains

When you’re trying to plan marketing for your law firm that truly moves your potential clients, you can consult numerous sources to guide you — website audience data, survey results [...]

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Don’t Get Internet Marketing Wrong at Your Law Firm: Avoid 7 Digital Mistakes

Let’s say someone’s searching for a lawyer. They make their way to your law firm’s website. What are they hoping to find there? Definitely not a whole bunch of information [...]

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Voice Search Raises the Stakes for Your Law Firm’s Online Reviews

The internet voice assistants that seem to be spreading everywhere are calling more attention than ever to your law firm’s online reviews. If you ask Apple’s Siri for “personal injury [...]

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What Social Security’s Latest Plans Mean for Your Law Practice: From NOSSCR Phoenix

Right now the Social Security Administration is pushing at least a dozen changes to the way it moves disability cases through the system. Disability lawyers heard the latest plans directly [...]

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