Legal Marketing Case Studies: What Happens When Firms Cut TV

Television’s in decline, and the future of your law firm marketing—and your strategy to get new cases and more revenue—is entirely on the internet. Right? […]

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By Mark Waller | June 13, 2018 | Legal Marketing

How to Sign New Legal Clients Electronically

These days, when clients are deciding whether to retain your law firm, few of them are sitting face to face with you in your office. […]

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7 Looming Technology Game Changers to Boost Your Legal Marketing

If you want to get the most cases—and the most revenue—for your law firm, you need someone to take all the latest internet marketing trends […]

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Renaming Your Law Firm: How to Avoid Mistakes

Get a Customized Renaming Strategy. Renaming your law firm might seem simple. Add a partner. Subtract a partner. Change a practice area. But if you […]

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How to Hold On to Clients Who Reach Your Law Firm’s Landing Page

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Someone clicked your law firm’s online ad and made it to your landing page. Now you’ve got 0-8 seconds to solidify […]

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Neuromarketing for Law Firms: Hack Your Potential Clients’ Brains

When you’re trying to plan marketing for your law firm that truly moves your potential clients, you can consult numerous sources to guide you — […]

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By Doug Thomas | February 15, 2018 | Digital Marketing for Lawyers

A Legal Marketing Year in Review

If you didn’t have time to read every Firmidable blog post in 2017, we forgive you. If you want a quick way to get the […]

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By Mark Waller | January 9, 2018 | Legal Marketing

See Your Colleagues’ Law Firm Resolutions for 2018

Curious how lawyers across America are planning to improve their practices? We are too. So right before the holidays, Firmidable President Nathan Chapman asked our […]

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By Mark Waller | January 5, 2018 | Business Tips for Law Firms

Don’t Get Internet Marketing Wrong at Your Law Firm: Avoid 7 Digital Mistakes

Let’s say someone’s searching for a lawyer. They make their way to your law firm’s website. What are they hoping to find there? Definitely not […]

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By Mark Waller | December 6, 2017 | Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Voice Search Raises the Stakes for Your Law Firm’s Online Reviews

The internet voice assistants that seem to be spreading everywhere are calling more attention than ever to your law firm’s online reviews. If you ask […]

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